2nd salzburg instalment

February 10, 2009

playing with sand and having a chat!

playing with sand and having a chat!

so am onto my 2nd instalment and first evening in Salzburg.  This time visiting the Toihaus theatre – great space and so child friendly – i love the coat racks and the ritual that everyone inc children take off their coats and hang them up in the ‘foyer’ area so that you are so much lighter when going into the theatre.  this would be great especially for our ‘promenade style work’! anyway, onto the 2nd show and ‘Al di La’ which I found to be relatively abstract – also intersting in light of what we are currently creating in ‘space hoppers’.  this was v much about the relationship between male and female – sun and moon, oblong and circle and I guess about the moments when they ‘touch’.  What i found a shame about this show was the removal of the performers from the children – it was v hard to see when if at all they m ade eye contact with the children sitting so closely to them.  To me it seemed strange.  i have to say that the children connected v strongly with the shapes – so much so that 1 toddler wanted to get into the performance space to touch the ‘ball’.  they played with the shapes both in shadow and in actuality before the screen – and there was a clear fascination with the children by the altered image of the shape.

The performance had a beautiful lyrical quality to it, but personally I thought they missed a trick by not directly engaging the children.  Even at the end when the performance was over, the performers sat apart from the parents and children as if to say, ‘now it’s your turn’, but did not join in with their drawing at the end.  it was intereesting that the shapes drawn by the children at the end of the show were vastly different to the 1st show – and much more shape orientated, although it was hard sometimes to differentiate between the child’s markings and the parents – as they were both enjoying drawing together – many more parents drawing after this show than the first!

from my point of view I was fascinated that both shows didn’t need the performers to make direct eye contact with the children in order for the children to become engaged – so long as the form or content held an interest!!!!!!

Ruth, re your comment re Bach in the sand – i will answer when i get to that part of the trip – if that’s ok???? it was for me my favourite show of the festival though!!! and the photo is form that show – i have to confess that i forgot my camera – although have asked the v organised Germans to email me some of their images so shoudl be able to upload some!

anyway, that’s it for now, next instalment will come soon!  best wishes Natasha


  1. Dear Natasha, it was so great meeting you in Salzburg and Otto – as I already said: I really fell in love with him.
    You put it to the point in your Salzburg installments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedbacks. Yes, we were able to see wonderful theater work and had an interesting discussion with some of the directors during the symposium. Toihaus and especially Helga Gruber was a marvellous host.
    So this is a first reaction from Germany (and my tries in writing on a blog – wow!)
    Greeting from the german group,
    best hanne

    • dear hanne,
      how great to have you blogging on our site too!!! have just emailed you re. skype call – so sorry to miss it. Will email you our skpye username t’row in any case, but don’t have it to hand just at the mo – we also have a technical issue in that our internet hub machine is falutly which means we don’t get a good connection but this should also be fixed on monday ready for our next skype call.
      Thanks for your comments on my write up – i still have 2 more instalments to go!
      bestest natasha

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