Rachels further ideas from Bologna

March 10, 2009

On our arrival day in Bologna, after a bit of sight seeing and dinner, one of the most thought provoking works in progress seen last week was ‘Wild’.
The idea was to evoke a sense of animalistic exploration with the feeling of a forest, images of wolves and shadows. Snow reveals a wolf skin hat, and as the performer plays enthusiatically, images of wolves are back projected and then red flesh is eaten, symbolised by red wool. The performer narrates his experience continually and at times I wanted him to shut up! but the passion and bravery of this piece deserved full attention. This prompted a late night discussion regarding the intentions of making theatre for early years as most of the British contingency were in agreement this work was impossible for english audiences. But in my opinion what wonderful work for boys especially, exploring and engaging in primal instincts and discovering their dark side, so often oppressed in our social/educational system.This led to ideas of how theatre for the very young needn’t be staged in the traditional hierarchical set up, similar to a church. That perhaps there are many other ways? as there are a one hundred langages of children and more.Yes, children need to learn to contemplate and enjoy watching, but is this the best way to introduce theatre for under fives? Too exhausted to carry on the heated debate, I went off to my bed, with this point of conversation being carried to later on in the week at the Assitej round table discussions. Ciao!

Me & Mr Tony Mack from Assitej australia

Me & Mr Tony Mack from Assitej australia

Into the show.....

One comment

  1. interesting idea rachel,
    theatre does have such a vetting process re children’s theatre and what is deemed suitable. sounds wild…..

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