Being a Tree on Tuesday

March 12, 2009

Spent the second morning in a workshop with Roberto and he began to discuss the whole heuristic working culture of La Barracca in Bologna. He elaborated on the three areas of the programme – shows, training and workshops and how ‘theatrical scribbles’ had been developed for children under 3 since 1990. He talked of how the educators needed to be trained in la Barracca’s theatre techniques to enable theatre to enter the nursery. ‘Theatre is very important as it is deeply rooted in communication, expression and relationships’ Trained teachers were asked to become theatrical educators and worked out very different projects, finding their own vision. It was all news to me, so i found it fascinating. We all diligently took our shoes off, expecting to go straight into active work , but it took an hour of discussion before we were moving, closing our eyes and being trees. Spent time in our own worlds with eyes closed and then contact improvisation in pairs and then groups. A cliche of an exercise but a golden oldie, and good to do some physical work. Later on in the week, we were able to witness ‘theatrical scribbles’ in action with children. Roberto states ‘there is a fragile border between play and theatrical dimension’  which is a fascinating liminal place to be! – Rachel Riggs

Musical instruments from The Last Tree

Musical instruments from The Last Tree


Theatrical Scribbles


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