Documentation & Training Centre

March 13, 2009

Tuesday afternoon was spent at the documentation and training centre for the Bologna municiple where a lot of time was spent presenting information about regional and national legislation and policy for early years and their parents. Discussions developed regarding the differences between Bologna’s services and those of the Uk, France, Brazil etc. The staff presented the information that there was over demand for nursery places, more babies being born, more working parents and more need for socialisation of children here. Creative labortories  and ‘toolkits’ are available for educators to develop their artistic training and skills of documentation. They can specialise in theatre or music, and this training is linked with the pedalogical education to ensure feedback in the system.  I found it  fascinating that there was no long term  quantifying or qualifying research indicators required for evaluation. They expressed that early years education was a very important part of the science of education in Bologna, and it was vital for educators to have a degree as they were responsible for ‘social transformation’. Perhaps because the processes of documentation are more open and fluid, the lack of formality aids further growth? All the documentation held there, is available for PHD reserchers etc to access, and they intend to develop a network to assist in recording and diseminating research work. It was an interesting session though perhaps not so relevant for just theatre makers.la-ragazza-6Rachel

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