May 5, 2009

hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on our blogging site, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Bologna experience.  After my trip to Salzburg and the info that Emma v kindly sent through I am thinking of applying for funds to R & D a new show for 18months – 3/4 yr olds in a nursery setting.  It would be good to tie into the ‘bridges’ theme that La Baracca and Toihaus are working on – and as part of the dandelion project share processes and explore the different approaches.  i would be really keen to link in to some sort of relationship with the european partners through this project if possible.  It’s just a seedling thought, but if we (as a company) are to embark on a show for even younger mites – this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.  I’d also like to develop a piece which still involves some participation but not in the ‘promenade’ style of our other work. I also don’t think younger children are quite so easy to herd about – they have a different spatial awareness!!!!!!!

It would be great if Lizzie or rachel were also interested in being involved in someway.  maybe coming into the R & D process at some point, giving feedback on ‘work in progress’, leading a session, or…….. I don’t know really.  any suggestions or thoughts most welcome.

Lizzie, just thought i would comment on your question re. how many outings do english nurseries get to go on?  Having 2 kids at nursery, I can say that outings to the local pond, allotments, etc happen with some regularity in late spring/summer, but these don’t involve transport and we deliberately sought out institutions that made a provision for ‘outings’.  As rachel said, i understand it is on the government’s agenda to increase children’s experiences away from their settings, but am also sure that the ‘health and safety’ legislation probably makes it awfully hard to follow this through.  I wish we followed some of our european neighbours in this respect!!!!!!  Tash x


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