Monday evening ……

September 29, 2009

After dinner with Susannah, i went to visit the famous Saltzberg Marionette Theatre to see ‘The Magic Flute’. It was magical and enchanting and far better than i was expecting as it seems to be mainly for tourists. But the manipulation was superb and in the picture box frame, the scenery and effects worked as in a mechanical toy theatre. The only thing that was tiresome was of course they don’t really sing, ie move their mouths to the soundtrack and a projection kept flashing up to tell us what was happening in the performance, which was unnecessary. However, a wonderfull end to the day.

marionette theatre

marionette theatre

The stage

The stage



  1. can’t wait to read about tuesday! I knew when i read your blog I would wish I had gone too! love tash x

    • ah, but you have been before and i know you will have a great time in bologna in December. Hope all is going well with the tour and your plans for a baby show. Wish we were all meeting up soon, but nevermind, i will see Ruth at the early arts meeting we are hosting october 16th. Best Rachelx

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