The Bridge – first ideas

November 1, 2009

The Bridge
Collaboration between La Baracca, Bologna and Toihaus, Salzburg
Minutes of the discussion with Valeria Frabetti

The ”Bridge“ as a joining element between two people, languages, cultures and landscapes.

At the beginning, there is no sign of a bridge. The stage is empty. During the performance a bridge is built. This is to be the red thread. There was also a famous group called ”the Bridge“.
Concept for stage set: the bridge is built using chairs. Leonardo da Vinci made a concept for a portable bridge made of stools which of course was not technologically producable in those days. However, perhaps we can do it with chairs, prepared ones of course.
We build the bridge with stories, music and dance.
The ideas:

• Bridge of Sighs – Venice. This is where those who were condemned to death had to cross-
• „Es waren zwei Königskinder“… Sarajevo Love-Story. A very famous story from the war in Bosnia (Two King’s Children).
• The Bridge of Mostar. The story about its origins and destruction.
• Bridge over the Drina by Ivo Andric
• Mother cat and kittens over the bridge. The story goes like this: during the second world war two parties fought against each other at a bridge to be able to capture it. Suddenly a mother cat came with her seven kittens and walked majestically across the bridge with their tails in the air. Both  sides were so moved that they ceased firing. This did not stop the war but left a lasting and reconciliatory impression for all.
• Rainbows and the legend of the treasure buried at the end of them.
• There is also a night rainbow
• Bridge taxes
• Pontoon-Bridges
• The story of two children (boys) during the Spanish civil war.
• Metaphorical bridges: 1 world war at Christmas when the armies at war played football against each other.
•  Metaphorical bridges: Life is a bridge between birth and death.
• „Tschuktschisch“  Legend about the moon dog: when a dog manages to make a bridge into a moon by howling, it is allowed to walk over it and choose to be a different life form. For example a bird, fish, bear, person.
• Music as a bridge .
• Songs: for example:  „Was müssen das für Brücken sein“ (what kind of bridges are they)

4 people from La Baracca plus Germana for the old Italian music.
From the Toihaus Theater Connie, Katharina (choreography), Herbert, Gudrun (music, also research into Austrian music), perhaps Yoko too.

We would like to ask all those participating for their ideas including personal stories, legends, fairytales, folk stories, sayings, music, songs and dances.

Planned date for meeting: 22.23.24.May in Bologna  29th.May to 5th.June in Salzburg


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