La Baracca Objectives

The main objectives of the Dandelion partner La Baracca, Bologna, Italy are:

La Baracca believe all children have their own languages and are interested in exploring further what children’s different languages are in terms of how they can express themseves without verbal literacy. Once this is known, it is easier for early years professionals to communicate with them and understand how to meet their needs. They call it a ‘theatrical alphabet’. The early years staff in Bologna are using the Theatrical Alphabet within their work now and calling it the Theatrical Scribble.

Thus project will give their young artists new training and opportunities to mix and discuss approaches with other artists. Unlike Toihaus, La Baracca don’t work with live music, so their joint production will be a concentration of new approaches. La Baracca will be bringing the artistic direction and Toihaus the musical contribution, both with contribute towards lighting, staging, and so on.

Another aim is to build a comparison with other approaches, and to share their skills and knowledge more widely in order to bring a stronger advocacy to the work with children under 3 years, and to help the theatre sector  consider young children as a real and valid audience. It’s an approach that makes it easier to understand children’s whole stories. Its a way of interacting with their dreams, feelings, experiences; to offer an aesthetic experience that influences their thinking and helps them to be more in touch with their creativity and expressive languages in a qualitative environment.

The most important and respectful element for La Baracca is to start all creations from the children’s point of view, and to explore the communication between adult and child, so that the adult can understand the child more deeply and celebrate who they are now rather than being so focussed on preparing them for the future. Their starting point is about having respect for children.


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