Potsdam Objectives

The main objectives of the Dandelion partner University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, Germany are:

The University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam will work with leaners studying a two-semester module “Play and Aesthetic Practice”, particularly to investigate the conditions, influences and characteristics of creative and cross-cultural educational work with the families, in kindergarten and primary schools, and explore how these experiences can be fed into the curriculum of Professional Childhood Education. They will also integrate the new knowledge they acquire about the role of theatre in supporting physical and cultural languages of young children and adults, into their teaching of students on their future courses. Professor Hanne Seitz’s field is in Aesthetic Practice which is highly complementary to Early Childhood, as she understands the tools needed to work with young children and wants to use theatre as a way of seeing the world.

Postdam are more interested in the potential impact of the aesthetics of theatre on young children’s experience rather than its didactic role. They want to find out what arts is doing to children and adults through their process of research and evaluaton.

Christine Vogt (freelancer linked to Potsdam) also runs a theatre company for disabled and non-disabled performers, and is very interested to see the impacts of social art based projects, trying different methods which are not quantitative, to measure the impact, at the same time as knowing what the artistic basis is.

Their findings will be published as scientific research as part of the project.


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