Toihaus Objectives

The main objectives of the Dandelion partner Toihaus, Salzburg, Austria are:

Toihaus and La Baracca will develop workshops open to parents to discover how to work with their young children through theatre; they will work together to create a bi-lingual production for families at the same time as exploring the processes suitable for early childhood professionals. The process will enable them to explore how to establish a process between two companies that work differently without limiting their freedom. Their artists will share their long time experiences of training with adults who work with young children in order to help them prepare better creative environments for their children.

Toihaus will also focus on the use of music to explore how to establish our cultural identities.  They want to explore how to make a creative ‘break’ through contemporary music. Through this, they will prepare a new training programme for the learners which focusses specifically on artistic and cultural languages and identity – building towards a Cultural Biography revealing everyone’s stories and cultures. Toihaus will be working with the Italian Women’s Association in Austria to achieve this.

In addition, the Salzburg dance, music and drama schools will be invited to introduce creative processes for children into their studies. They have started a forum with Toihaus to explore this, and Toihaus want to enhance this as part of the project, to share the impacts of this work more widely with the public and change cultures to become more culture-oriented.

The joint theatre production which will be performed in Vollach in May 2009, will be aimed at 4-8yrs, although very much influenced by their work with under 2’s.


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