Book: We Can Do So Many Things Together

This page provides the details of a book mentioned in the previous page (Summary of Rehearsals May and June 2009) by Valeria Fabretti as inspiration for the co-production based on the idea of the bridge.

We Can Do So Many Things Together

by F.K. Waechter
(Wir können noch viel zusammen machen)

Little fish Harald, piglet Inge and birdie Philip are all bored to death. Apart from their parents, there is nobody around to play with them. And it is not really any fun to play games on their own like ›blowing little bubbles‹, ›romping in the swamp‹ and ›daredevil flying‹. How wonderful then that, one fine day, the three animals meet and become friends. Not only can they teach each other fantastic things, they can also play ›nose-to-nose‹, ›botty-to-botty‹ and ›belly-to-belly‹. Harald, Inge and Philip are absolutely certain of one thing: »We can do so many things together« A marvellous book about friendship. With cardboard cut-out activities for those tedious hours without your friends – not reserved for only-children!

»A beautiful book, We Can Do So Many Things Together is the story of three only children from a carp, chicken and pig family, who are bored hanging around with their parents until they discover how much fun it can be to play with others.« Berliner Zeitung
Picture Book, Hardcover
40 Pages
ISBN 978-3-257-01110-4


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